About Us


Since discovering the difference between vegetable-based natural soaps and the detergent, chemical and alcohol laden alternatives so commonly used today, I have been handcrafting soaps and body care products on my remote, sun-powered, mountaintop homestead.

These products are produced completely from “scratch” in small batches, ensuring results of exceptional beauty, value, and quality.

natural soaps

Natural and wholesome ingredients such as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Coconut, Organic Expeller-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Soy and Olive Oils form the bases, which are then additionally and generously supplemented with the extra rich and nourishing goodness of contents like; Cocoa, Mango Butter; Vitamin E and Calendula Oils. Artistically colored with mineral pigments and enhanced with dried flowers and herbs from the garden, these lovely, luxurious and long lasting body care products are unique, earth and body friendly, and favored in many homes.

In order to appeal to a variety of preferences, Violas products are offered in a wide selection of both popular and personally blended aromas and scents, distinctly labled as to whether they are created from Essential Oil Aromas, high quality Fragrance Oils, and for those who prefer no scents (or colors)…the “Just Plain” collection.

Occasionally leaving the mountain to attend fairs, I get to see old friends and customers and make new ones. This website offers my products to everyone on a year-round basis. I am truly grateful for the support, encouragement, and loyalty of my family, community, and faithful customers! Thank you all. — Viola